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FireFly Biofuel FireSpark Jnr – Firelighters


The FireSpark Jnr is the ONLY firelighter that is made from recycled coffee.  No petroleum, no toxins, no black smoke. It is highly reliable and burns hotter and longer than any other firelighter on the market. Each box contains 12 x FireSpark Juniors, enough for 6 hellavue braai’s!






  • Environmentally Friendly Green burn & Non Toxic
    • Zero carbon footprint
    • 75% recycled products with the rest made from sustainable sources.
    • The FireSpark JNR is made from sugar, sawdust, recycled coffee & vegetable based wax.
    • FireFly Biofuel collects waste from local coffee houses to create the FireSpark Jnr.
    • Child and pet friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
    • FireSpark JNR converts to pure ash with no residue or waste to take care off (Ash only)
  • Petroleum Free & NO chemical transfer
    • No air pollution or petroleum product vapour
    • No residual chemicals when handling
    • No chemicals or black smoke for a cleaner & safer fire.
  • Reliable
    • Double “burning time”. The FireSpark JNR has a minimum of 10 minutes burning time with an average of 15 minutes.
    • Perfect for any type of wood or charcoal.
    • No chemicals to dry out, in fact, the dryer the better!
  • Natural bug repellent
    – Coffee beans has a natural bug repellent quality to it which makes the FireFly Biofuel great for camping as well)


  • If the fire has not been burned for a long enough time then possible transfer of toxins to food
  • Handling can transfer toxins to hands (leaves nasty smell on fingers which requires hands to be properly cleaned to avoid transfer to food and or your loved ones)
  • Although Petroleum products will give the instant gratification of the instant flare up most products will burn out too quickly to effectively light the wood.
  • If the bag/container is not properly sealed after opening then evaporation renders the product ineffective
  • Most times it will require several blocks of the product to ignite the fire
  • Most petroleum based products produce vast amounts of “black smoke” which is poisonous
  • The petroleum products currently available to the public has unfortunately become an everyday household name and product. Education is necessary to change this outlook.

Additional information

Sustainable Firelighting
Our greatest leap forward in this was the replacement of the petroleum ingredients for a natural equivalent. The FireFly Biofuel fire starter is made in a donut size / shape design to enhance the “life span” of your fire starter. Conventional products claim an average of 6 to 11 minutes of burning time whereas FireFly Biofuel has an average burning of around 15 minutes high flame and then turning to a solid hot coal. We supply eco-firelighters locally & internationally.