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Storing your Coffee

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While it is important where you purchase your coffee, you may overlook the importance of how it is stored.

You can extend the shelf life of your roasted coffee when you optimize and maintain four environmental factors in the storage area – namely, airflow, temperature, oxygen, and light.

Coffee has the ability to absorb the odours and flavours around it. When the container you use to store your ground coffee is not completely airtight, this could lead to oxidization, which will result in the loss of those fantastic aromas and essential oils.

This eventually leads to a very disappointing cup of stale and flavourless coffee.

Ensure that you store your ground coffee beans or whole coffee beans correctly, to maintain the delicate balance of natural oils, flavour, and aroma.

For optimal storage, here are some guidelines to follow:

• Store your roasted coffee beans and ground coffee in an airtight container at room temperature, no more than 25 degrees Celsius, away from heat and direct sunlight, preferably in a dark and cool closed cupboard.

• A damp environment such as a fridge is not idea, as too much moisture will cause the coffee to absorb other aromas in the fridge.

• If you would like to freeze your coffee, it is best to vacuum pack in portion sizes that will allow you to take out only what you need, as to avoid refreezing.

• It is vital to avoid exposing your coffee to any moisture when returning to room temperature.

• Ground coffee’s flavour and aroma reduces faster than that of roasted beans. Once ground, your coffee can be stored in an airtight container. In order to retain flavour and aroma, we recommend grinding your beans daily, enough for one day’s use.

• The two most important considerations when choosing a storage container, is where you will store your coffee and the type of container you use.

• We recommend using a container that is opaque, airtight, and made from a non-reactive material.

• However, using a glass airtight container and storing in a cool dark cupboard, will also help to retain your coffee’s taste and quality.